Wash me
Wash me

open จ-อา (Mon - Sun) 10.00 a.m.-10.00 p.m.

Wash Me, positioned as an “Affordable Luxury Services”, is a private company limited which is incorporated in Thailand and has been operated in the laundry & Dry Clean business for over 20 years. The Company’s business offers laundry & Dry Clean, Clothes Alteration, and all kind of Leather Spa. As one-stop service for our customers.

We currently have 14 branches in Bangkok and boundaries and would reach a total of 20 branches by 2018. Besides the normal business’s activities, we also offer special services for house curtain and carpets, coupled with the contracted uniform cleaning. While for the future business (in the plan), Wash Me also aims to launch the delivery-service for each branch location, including Whizdom 101 and probably happens in late 2018.

Wash Me has undergone a series of business transformations; expanding significantly high-class residential areas, and ventured into “Laundry’s Spa Premium Dry Cleaning” services in addition to the basic dry cleaning. Wash Me’s proprietary knowledge has been effective in supporting existing business operations and has the capacity to support its future business offerings.